Thursday, 10 December 2009

Good News!

1. I received an A+ in my Macro Photography project (concept, images and presentation) plus some good technical feedback on my images to help me improve - very happy.

2. Just in case anyone is interested, I have just uploaded two patterns to Ravelry to make them available as free PDF downloads:

Quick Cowl
Quick Cabled Cowl*
download now

Semi Precious Scarf
download now

3. In a week's time, my feet will be back on UK soil as I am headed home for a brief visit to sort out the contents of my house (to ship/give away/throw away) and see my family for Christmas. Other than going out to my photography classes, I have been a bit of a recluse this autumn so I am really looking forwards to seeing my family and UK friends again.

4. I have received my visa to enter Canada as a Landed Immigrant. I will do this when I return to Vancouver after Christmas. This means that I can apply for a BC Driver's License (yes, I will need to take a driving test) and I can start looking for work in the New Year! Double hurray!

5. My baby bolero and cuddle wrap arrived safe and sound in Marseille (do not prick my happy bubble by asking exactly how much it cost to ship - suffice it to say that it was about double the cost of the materials that were needed to make the gifts in the first place) and I have received a photo of my gift recipient with her wrap and in her bolero - it fits and they like it = gift success!

Okay, relax. As you were. I really need to get back to my Christmas gift making...

...which is why it has been so bloomin' quiet on this blog recently.

I know, I know: Bad blogger - no biscuit.