Sunday, 6 November 2011


On Thursday 20th October, my friend Katy snapped a few posterity maternity shots for me. 


On Friday 21st October, I posted my last update about IVF and then the Fella and I departed for the hospital.  I had been booked in for a 40 Week induction by my OB, due to my age (here they have concerns about the speed of placenta breakdown and the increased risk of still births in women over 40). 

After 2.5 days of prostaglandin treatment as an outpatient (returning to the hopital every 6-12 hours for reassessment and spending 2-5 hours there at each visit), my induction was written off as a failure.  On Sunday afternoon, I was scheduled into the OR for an unplanned c-section, which - as a procedure and an experience - terrified the living daylights out of me.  

The only good thing about it?   


Spud:  born 23rd October, 7lb 90z, 53cm long.  Intact and healthy.  Snapped just after being wheeled up to the post partum ward from Rocovery.


Spud - 27th October, waiting to be discharged from hospital.


Spud - 30th October, 1 week old.


Spud - 5th November, 2 weeks old.

Wearing his first ever hand knitted gift (thank you Auntie Arianwen)!