Monday, 26 March 2007

About Me

Despite growing up in a house strewn with fabric, yarn, Rowan and Kaffe Fassett books, I never really got into either sewing or knitting when I was little - I was more interested in mud and metal!

To me, knitting was too slow, too fiddly and I could not get my head around how to hold the needles.

I finally got back into knitting a few years ago when I got hold of some really lovely yarn and had a solid reason to knit that dealt with my 'fast dwindling motivation' problem.

While this has not transformed me into someone who knits expertly at the speed of light:

  • I am reaching the ‘Making Up’ part of pattern instructions (now there’s a black art);
  • I am having fun and meeting some great people who happen to be highly skilled and inspirational knitters; and happily
  • my yarn stash has burst out of my cupboard and peeps out of various bags deposited across different locations in my home. As I love colour - I really don't mind!

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