Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Parts - sometimes greater than the sum?!

When I wrote my last post, I had completely forgotten the fact that a month or so ago, I did do some sewing. I grabbed a last minute place on a Christmas Rag Lap Quilt workshop in a town, just outside Vancouver. It was an opportunity to catch up with a friend plus have a go at using one of the sewing machines that I had been researching on the Internet.

Now before I come clean with dubious images of my sewing output, please note:
  1. It was the first time that I have sat in front of a sewing machine in about 5-6 years.

  2. I was not given a choice of fabric. I was handed a pile of pre-cut strips. Just in case you have these fabrics at home, I want to reassure you that there is nothing wrong with them. The prints are festive, fun, cheerful and I am sure that you have made something wonderful with them - it is just that I might not have picked them out for myself or chosen to piece them all together into a single item...?!

  3. In fact, I admit that I rebelled over my quilt's intended centre panel - I refused to use the fabric that I was offered. I asked to use some of the backing fabric instead. Not on the grounds of good taste (trust me, by that point I was beyond any illusion that I was creating a swoon-worthy masterpiece), just on the basis that the overall effect of the quilt would have been dangerous to anyone visiting our house - frankly, I think that it could have induced migraines or epileptic fits.

    That said, I think that I got off lightly - there were some combinations of fabrics in circulation at the workshop that, to me, looked like ribbons of vitreous ectoplasm based on an acid Christmas theme?

    At the 'show and tell' session at the end of the workshop - I did my best to 'oooh and ahh' alongside everyone else. Yet inside? I felt waves of relief at my good fortune to escape home without a festive snot monster on the back seat of my car!

  4. This quilt is not yet ragged as I ran out of time at the workshop and do not have any scissors up to the task at home. So I have not put it into the wash yet. Not that I think that this will improve it!
Without further ado, here are some close up details from my Christmas Rag Quilt:

Christmas Rag Quilt 1

"Ahh, what is she on about?"

I hear you wonder. "Those details look quite fun!"

Christmas Rag Quilt 2

"Ohhh look, pretty snippedy snipped Christmas fabrics!"
Sigh. I know.

Christmas Rag Quilt 3

"Oooh gosh, lovely - doesn't this just put you in the mood for the festive season?!"

Sigh, it does - I just wish that the whole quilt looked as good as these close up pictures! This just happens to be one of those cases where the parts are far nicer than the sum of the finished product! Just in case you think that I am kidding, here is a picture of the whole quilt - in its full and glorious, Christmas splendor!

please do not scroll down if you are suspectible to migraines or epileptic fits.
Or would prefer not to have your creative eyeballs burned.


Last warning.

Are you sure?

Okay: here it is!


Gah. Now, come on - isn't that just foul?!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I understand the pattern - is that last picture the whole thing?

It is a bit of a mish-mash, lol. But quite well executed! My mother was quite into quilting and from my small amount of involvement I determined that fabric selection is by far the hardest part to get right. Also, I suppose "right" is quite subjective :)

It looks like it was fun to make, though! I bet it'll look totally different once you put it through the wash and those edges fluff up.

missmalice said...

wow it hurts my eyes!

Robynn said...

Oh Gabrielle, that's very... special.

I'm not a big fan of quilts. I find very few of them satisfy my desire for coherency (eclectic, fine, but don't just mess stuff together!). So I don't think that's *worse* than most other quilts I've seen... but it's definitely not a favourite.


Penny said...

Yikes! If you like red and white, it might just about be OK. But weren't you given any choice over fabric? I mean I can understand why the organiser might provide the strips, but to not to have any choice which set of strips doesn't seem very ... well fair.

toni in florida said...

Very bright and perhaps relentlessly cheerful, but not foul. That said, no, I don't want it for my own home. Still, I think a little girl might love it for her own special Christmas blankie... or one for her favorite doll. Do you know any?

Happy new year!