Monday, 14 July 2008

26 Rounds Left...!

I think that I should publish this post, even though it dates back to just before the GB Open started...

...because it demonstrates that in 3 years, I still have not learnt a bloomin' thing!

* * *

I still have no pictures of my phyllo because I have been competing almost non stop since last Thursday. I have nothing very special to report in terms of my individual results but I am delighted to say that my Club team beat Canada and Kenya in a warm up match last Friday!

It's odd, I always think that I will have plenty of time between competitions to knit, yet somehow it does not ever work out that way. For the past two years I have taken all sorts of projects with me to do between events and not worked a single stitch.

So I am not setting myself up to fail this year by taking 3-4 projects with me. Instead, I think that I would like to quietly work my way through the remaining rounds of this pullover and sew in its ends.

It's a holiday objective of sorts?!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Argh...still knitting!

I have just noticed that on the 20th June, I mentioned on a Ravelry forum that I was about to pick up all 352 stitches for the yoke on my Phyllo Yoked Pullover, so I could set off on the lace chart home stretch. I promise that I have knitted each and every 70 minute round train commute since that date plus a couple of hours in front of the tv last night and...

...I am still only past the intro rounds and 25.5 rows into a 57 row chart.

Basically, it's taking me about 35mins to do 1.5 rounds. Good grief.

That said, I am really enjoying working it - I love how the overall piece is revealing itself and the stitches work together to create the pattern. What I am loving a little less is that it has become very clear to me that my tension is a lot tighter on circular needles than it is on straight needles.

Visibly so, in fact. I have not ripped back because by the time I had worked enough to spot it, I could not face it. So I will just have to see how it all looks when I have finished. Ho hum. Learning note to self: go up at least .5mm on circular needle size when tackling a project that combines straights and circulars.

I haven't posted any pictures of progress because I was convinced that I would whip quickly enough through this last bit to be able to show the whole thing finished.

Hmm, not so - I should have known better! So I promise that I will try to find time* to take some photos in the next few days for you to see what I am up to!

Notes: it is the GB Open for my sport this month. Time is very scarce for anything other than breathing, working and competing - as a result, things on my blog are likely to be a bit slow until the end of July!