Tuesday, 6 January 2009

A Saturday Outing

Now it seems that these two balls of yarn managed to escape when they went home to my gift recipient's house on Christmas Day:


Clearly, they have escaped, in a valiant attempt to avoid their knitted fate and they have not yet been found. Actually, I imagine that the conversation in the back of the car on the way home went something like this:

Ball 1
: "W'as'dat label say?"

Ball 2: "H-A-T. Ha-t? Ohh, got it - I think that we are going to be a hat."

Ball 1: "Hat?! We don't want to be a hat!"

Ball 2:
"Hey you in the front there, pull over - He-llo, he-llo! Can't you see that our labels say, 'Baby Soft'?! The clue is in the name? 'B-A-B-Y'. We wanna be made into summat, baby related. We are not sticking around here, only to be turned into some lame adult hat!"

Ball 1:
"No way amico mio, hats are stupid! C'mon, let's hop it out the back here. It's snowing - they'll never spot us making our escape in this weather!"

So, a-hem, if anyone comes across two balls of pale blue Rowan Baby Soft (joined at the hip by silver curling ribbon), on the run, somewhere on the BC Lower Mainland, please do drop me a comment to let me know where you spotted them!

Mind you, perhaps it is for the best - the Fella and I purchased this yarn during our trip to Victoria. We selected on the basis of the colours that we know the gift recipient wears and the hats that she had previously admired. However, on New Year's Day when the gift recipient came over to browse hat patterns, it turned out that she prefered a different sort of design, in a different yarn weight and colour.

I checked my stash - nothing. In fact, as the yarn and the pattern book were sold out locally, we had them reserved for us at Indigo Books and Urban Yarns over in North Vancouver. We collected them last Saturday. Pretty...but snowy!



On our way back, we took a drive around Stanley Park:


Then, half frozen, we went for a drink to warm up before we headed back to Stanley Park for a ride on the last night of the Bright Lights Christmas Train.

It was super romantic, you know - just us, half a hundred weight of 2-5 year olds (all fractious with the cold and cabin fever) and their slightly suspicious parents, who were eying us up - clearly wondering why on earth we would put ourselves through the misery of being out in the snowy dark to ride on a childrens' train...

...without any irritable, wriggly, crying children in tow.

Please relax all - we might have been a bit old to be there on our own but I can assure you that we were simply there to see the lights and have a cheeky snog at the back of the train while clumps of snow fell onto our faces!


Mind you, on the way out, I did think that the parents had every right to be suspicious:

Don't these look like foe straight out of an episode of Dr Who?! Luckily we managed to escape before they received the signal from outer space start their march on the human race, so we (and our knitting project purchases) made it home intact!

(Okay - that is, after dinner, a marriage proposal and a vast quantity of celebratory alcohol which did lay us both out flat until about 3pm the next day!)


Anonymous said...

The santa photo is awesome! I didn't notice that one on flickr. Having fun with the new camera?

toni in florida said...

Marriage proposal??