Thursday, 12 March 2009

Apologies for the broadcasting delay...

...there have been tax year end activities this week (the Fella's - please do not ask me how I know that a year's worth of unopened bills and business paperwork can stack to 2ft high), stay extension paperwork for me to do (it would be sad to have to return home now that we are married), a flying visit from 3 professional musician knitters on business in Vancouver (a wonderful excuse for a serious yarn crawl) and my last photography course session!

In addition, I will be busy over the coming week as these two people arrived at the airport yesterday afternoon:

DSC_0006 01

It's our Wedding - Act Two on Saturday. My father and my stepmother have decided to join us for the celebration dinner with Brian's family. It is so lovely to see them!

I must confess that it was also a whole lot of fun to unpack a suitcase full of my sporting kit that I did not bring with me last autumn and yet another suitcase that was full of Heinz Weightwatchers Baked Beans*, Heinz Spaghetti hoops*, aerosol deodorant (his and hers)**, showergel***, the most enormous wheel of cheese that I have ever seen outside a supermarket, some yummy looking chutney**** and two huge bags of our favourite coffee*****!




I promise full updates after things have settled a bit and I have had a chance to go through (censor the chubby) our wedding photos.

* * *

*Yes, it is possible to get Heinz baked beans and spaghetti in Canada but they do not taste the same. To add insult to brand recognition injury (what caused me to put the cans into my supermarket trolley), they contain more calories than their British cousins. So a generous serving of beans on toast could easily eat up half of my daily dieting calorie allowance. Scary, huh?

**I guess that aerosol versions are just not popular here?

***Simple, Refreshing: not perfumed, just kind and does not give my skin a hard time. I think that I have seen some Simple products in the shops here (moisturiser maybe?) but I have never seen the showergel.

****British/European cheese vs Canadian cheese. With my apologies to my host nation = no contest.

*****The one nation in the world that could really use a love of pickle and decent chutney to assist consumption of sandwiches made with its cheese? Well, it does not appear to be popular here at all. I have been substituting whole grain mustard mixed with a bit of horseradish or alternatively, chilli sauce.


Robynn said...

It's so sneaky when the "same" product tastes totally different. For me the shock was Schweppes bitter lemon... which in the UK, is SWEET! Suddenly my favourite drink tastes terrible and I had to find a whole nother drink! (Although I've since found that mixing it with tonic creates something a bit more acceptable.)

Kelli said...

I'm just happy to hear from you and really, you can find good cheese anywhere, you just have to be diligent. I will admit to a very unhealthy addiction to a new dairy near me. They make the most delightful cheeses. . .

Cassandra said...

It was a wonderful yarn crawl, wasn't it?! Looking forward to the pics, hint hint!

Pink said...

Carol Julien (AKA - PINK) So Mrs £"!$%^ what is this i hear, i think its time for a download on whats going love, how are you both?
get in touch, miss you love xxxcj