Friday, 23 October 2009

Autumn Colour & Positivity

The rain seems to be settling in for its usual Autumn - Spring sojourn here in Vancouver but I have been nipping out between the raindrops to snap a few shots of Autumn colour before the rain strips the leaves from the trees and the plants all fade away for Winter.

Fall Colours_1406

While I enjoy all of the seasons, I have to admit that Spring and Autumn are my favourites. For me Autumn is all about colour, smells, rustle of leaves underfoot and the fact that it means that my birthday is on its way!


I have no idea whether it is apparent in my photographs but I have started two new classes this term: Design & Composition plus Macro Photography. This is part of an effort to keep my brain occupied and help me to stave off the rainy, low light induced dooms and glooms that swamped me out of nowhere last year. Also, I am also starting a new quilt class in North Vancouver next week and I am really looking forwards to it!


The other good news is that the Canadian High Commission in London is ready to issue my visa. So I am hoping that within another 6-8 weeks I will obtain Landed Immigrant status. Once I have that, I can start to look for work here. Not being allowed to work is the thing that has been really doing my head in over the past year. So I am looking forward to this situation changing. I just hope that I will be able to find something relevant and interesting to do.

DSC_0001 01

The coffee-shop incident at the start of this month really did knock me for six. Sorry about that. Suffice it to say that I have not returned to the cafe. Although it is a shame (I was sort of settling into a knitting routine there), I do not think that I need any more well meant advice for the time being.

Leaves on Sidewalk-Small

I am hoping that I will be able to share pictures of our kitchen project soon - we are just not quite there yet. If I turn my head to the right, I can see finishing panel clamped to unfinished cabinets. The reason for the delay is that the Fella (who is doing this bit) morphed into a Giant Human Biohazard this week and, having decided that he must have The Flu, spent the best part of two days on the sofa chugging back Ginger Ale, gummy bears and chocolate.

Luckily, 72 hours, some Contact 200 and a few boxes of tissues later, we have worked out that he's just had a cold (that he is pretty much over) so I have pushed him back out of the door to work! He did not take much urging, as he's realised that there is a very good reason that I do not ever bother to switch the TV on during the day!


Team Knit ! said...

gorgeous photos, especially that past one!

- Julie

Roobeedoo said...

Love that golden leaf photo! That's the kind of autumn I enjoy. It's still raining here! Thanks for advice re builders... but they seem to have been recruited through a pub acquaintance and haven't been seen recently... grrr!

cheap dsi r4 said...

Nice pictures! We dont get autumn here where I live, at least the leaves dont change color.