Tuesday, 10 April 2007

My first ever blocking attempt begins!

It is fair to say that the conditions are not ideal but if you do not have the correct tools and cannot find somewhere that sells them: improvise!

With this concept firmly in mind, I am delighted to tell you that my ironing board is out in my back yard, covered with a black binliner.

Dully squirted with cold water, stretched and pinned to this surface is the thank you gift scarf (see left) that I want to flatten a bit and then cheer up with some velvet ribbon and beads.

Even the birds seem intrigued when I appeared in the garden. I must confess, in the true manner of a 'bodge-it' merchant, I did empty a stainless steel surface cleaner spray bottle in order to spray the scarf with cold water. In my defence, I did rinse it thoroughly but the water does still smell of it a bit (cringe) I hope that it doesn't do anything horrible to the wool!

So now I'm indoors, trying to work out how on earth to put together the beads that my colleague picked out last week. I know what I had in mind but she's chucked in a couple of extras that have thrown my idea completely! That said, I think that I have come up with a way to work them!

So here you go - two photos of my first blocking attempt in progress...!

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