Thursday, 30 October 2008

It's my birthday...


...and I'll wear handknit socks if I want to!

I was handed my gifts from the Fella while I was in bed this morning and I am going to wear my going away socks from Mel today. I am missing my friends/family in the UK and I think that I might feel that cut a little bit today, so these have been adopted as my birthday comfort socks.

Not that I am being badly treated here at all - my presents from the Fella were delivered in bed along with a steaming mug of black coffee (Monmouth Street Coffee Company beans...mmmm) and um, one of those pesky cinnamon buns from IKEA, duly warmed and buttered*.

I really needed both of these presents, so I am delighted - I requested one of them; the other he decided to get for me on his own. I am not sure what it says about me that all I wanted for my birthday was a plain, cozy dressing gown and what he twigged that I needed was a copy of MS Project!

My plans for today? Well once these have been delivered (for the next phase of West Shore Camp DIY projects), Vancouver is my oyster until the Fella leaves work and we get to fulfil the rest of my birthday requests, which were:

Please can we go:

My needs are fairly simple?!

Note for Robynn: now you have a very good excuse for busting out of your trousers, my reasons are calorie related - plain and simple!


yogicknitter said...

Hope you are having a really good day. So touched you are wearing the socks. Hopefully you have had another little delivery from us today to the house too to wish you a very happy birthday.
Big Hugs and Kisses xxxxxxxx

Team Knit ! said...

Hope you are having a fantastic birthday! And I'm glad you are in Canada, if you couldn't be in the UK for your birthday. hope you had a fun night with wine!

- Julie

Mrs.Q said...

Happy, happy day! (And for a good BC Chardonnay, my fave is from the Nk'Mip winery in Osoyoos.)

Susanne said...

Oh, happy birthday to you from old Germany!
Hope you had a very good day with your fella and don't mind: You will get accustomed to your new home and surroundings.
Let things come to you - it will work, you'll see.

Robynn said...

Happy happy happy birthday! We're all thinking of you.
(Also, my waistband, there is a good excuse for. My thighs? ...Well.)

Roobeedoo said...

Happy birthday!!!! And those are lovely socks. MS Project?!

Tamie said...

Happy Belated B-DAY! I hope that you found a nice coffee spot~ and that dinner was wonderful! With the cold weather, we always seem to stumble upon a coffee opportunity. ;-)

I can't wait to see Granville Island market when there...I just showed hubby and he laughed at me. In a good way- can't separate a girl and her food.
xo T