Friday, 31 October 2008


This week a number of pumpkins were spotted making their way into a certain Vancouver property.


We discovered them in the kitchen, crowded together, whimpering and trying to look inconspicuous. A tricky thing for five, very large, bright orange gourds. We are not certain but a bit like turkeys at Christmas, we think that they may have been trying to hide. After all, at Hallow'een and Samhain, the word 'carving' is just enough to put the shake on a pumpkin.

With good reason.

One by one, they met their doom.

Kiddo, the Fella's son, commented that there was nothing you could carve into a pumpkin that could possibly be more scary than the inside of a pumpkin.


I agree.

Now, once they were over the shock of the knife, the pumpkins rose admirably to the occasion. Once the rain had cleared, dark had fallen, they staunchly defended us from malevolent spirits, while welcoming in the friendly ones (ahem, trick or treaters in our case and I didn't take any photos just in case I upset any parents).


Furthermore, the Fella was beside himself with delight - it just so happens that once they are separated from 'their guts' - roasted pumpkin seeds are a favourite, seasonal treat.


Also, I know - as I am not working at the moment - I should reclaim our pumpkins from the front doorstep and do something domestically industrious with them...
XL805330XL805332 no - they can remain outside?!

I hope that you all had a good Hallow'een and Samhain.


Birthday Post Script

Here are some lovely flowers that I received from Mel's family for my birthday - thank you - and especially for you is a snap of Granville Island's Produce Market where we picked up groceries on my birthday!


Here is a nice, healthy pink Azalea that I received from one set of my parents for my birthday. They do not know that I have a blog - otherwise, after my recent gardening exploits, I suspect that they might have thought twice about sending me a garden shrub?!

As it happens, there is a 40ft high rhododendron outside that I am eyeing seriously with a chainsaw. So um, I have sent this Azalea away to a safe haven. It has gone to live with someone who loves it, is not hellbent on garden clearance, has green fingers and will plant it out after it has finished flowering - phew!


Anonymous said...

Oh no no no no no. Pumpkins, once carved and set outside, are not allowed back in. No no. Definitely not.

GrannyPurple said...

The honourable afterlife for a pumpkin is to remain outdoors in hope of becoming Mousekin's Golden House!

emmms said...

Pumpkins! Those are fab! We did only one this year, but looking at yours is making me think that was sheer folly. Next year there will be more.

(Also, mine is an indoor pumpkin because there is nowhere to put it outdoors. And I didn't trust them pesky kids up the road not to become confused by its presence and mistake it for something more sinister, thus necessitating the need to smash it into teeny bits over someone's car. So it's an indoor one. As soon as I can convince Matthew it's lived long enough, I'm going to make pie and stew and something jammy with the body, hurrah!)

(Also, lovely birthday you had. You're actually making me twinge a bit with fondness for the Old Country.)