Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Opps, how did that happen?!

Now, see this?

House Project 01

This folks, is a gant chart that shows the next phase of house reno (DIY) in Vancouver.

Oh bah humbug, please don't tell me off for being a control freak! Okay, okay, so I am - however, in my defence, I am here studying for a professional Project Management accreditation and I did get a copy of MS Project for my birthday!

Now this gant chart shows that in the next three weeks, we (me 'n' de Fella) need to get three fairly large spaces - namely the living room, hall and Kiddo's bedroom - T.S.P'd (sugar soaped), primed (undercoated) and painted before a contractor (bloke) comes to refinish the floors in week commencing 24th November. That way, we can haul all of our (the Fella's) furniture back into the house in the first week of December (after we have allowed 5 days for the floors to harden).

Now, as you know, I have a vested interest in this milestone, as it means that I will be able to get my yarn/fabric stashes out and start playing with them, without fear of contamination by dust or any other kind of crud (yes, I am thinking of this DIY as a 'deep clean' and a chance for the Fella to wave goodbye to ten years of single bachelor existence). Hurray!

However, see that faint trail of little red tasks (mainly allocated to me)? Those are the things that are on the critical path for this little project. So if they shift sideways to the right (i.e. I do not finish them in time) then we are stuffed, as we will not be ready for the floor bloke to do his thing.

Mind you, as with all 'good' project plans (cough), weekends are contingency.

Um and let's face it, I am likely to need them too as I have my next course module soon, some real course work to do and oh, y'know, today...

...I seem to have purchased a preloved (second hand/nearly new) one of these from this lovely person and signed up for some beginner lessons here.

I am so excited about it! Well, there's nothing like setting yourself a dual challenge, eh?!


Wye Sue said...

One day to fill & sand your holes ... that always takes me longer - I'm sure they breed ;-)

Have you factored in at least 20 minutes a day for treadle practice ?

There was talk of mash in Hereford last night ;-)

Roobeedoo said...

Hope you have some "contingency" in there G! (And no creepy crawlies! Thanks for sharing that little lot. I am now eyeing every beetle with deep suspicion...)

Kelli said...

Um. Dude. That is a lot to get done and why are you wasting time making charts?!?! lol

yogicknitter said...

I just sit back in awe - as always. And I thought I was organised!!!!!