Monday, 24 November 2008

All painted!


On schedule...if anyone thinks that they can hear a big sigh of relief. They can. It's mine.

The floor guy started this morning, it is a crisp sunny November day and for the first time in weeks, I can spend it doing something other than DIY and I can take in some air that is free of paint fumes!

Y'know, the contents of this bag look like they could be quite intriguing:

Look, even my pals H and Duquesne think that they might be objects of interest! +^


* * *

+ Hurray for finding a local channel that seems to show almost non stop CSI! Plus a whole load of other police and mortuary hocus pokus.
^I wish that someone could get the whole CSI Miami team up to BC for an episode or two. Y'know, perhaps they could sort out this local mystery. Although it reads like something spat straight out of a storyline - oh no - sadly, it is real. It would be very nice if it could be cleared up with a few fast paced, split screen 'at the lab' images of whizzy tidal triangulation followed up by the deployment of diving Delko (the only known human, faster than the speed of light, underwater evidence magnet). It's a shame that real life is not like that as surely, there are some families out there who need some kind of closure?


Robyn said...

Ooh shiny! Very nice work ma'am.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Fun! What's in the bag? Did you order it online or...?

Kelli said...

Yay! Now that you're done painting there, I have a room done here that needs a new coat . . .

Also, socks, need your measurements for socks!

yogicknitter said...

Very nice work indeed. So when you are back over........!
The bag is looking good - so come on do tell what is inside. What's the ORK got in its pocket'is?