Friday, 21 November 2008

We are just about on track...

...for the chap coming on Monday to refinish the floors. In the meantime, the house seems to be covered almost entirely in plastic and masking tape (while I seem to be the one thing inside it that is most covered in paint)!


However, I did negotiate a DIY Exit Pass to get to knitting group last night - I did not appreciate just how much I needed to get out of the house yesterday until I returned home! I had such a good time and proof of my rare presence in public (spinning not knitting) can be seen on Flickr here, here and here, all courtesy of the lovely b i t c h n s t i t c h e r. I am amazed at how cool spinning looks in these photos - even if I don't really have a clue yet what I am doing!

Okay, back up a ladder I go. Both the room above and the hallway below need another coat of eggshell (vinyl silk emulsion) before the end of today...

...gulp - I wonder how early the Fella can escape work to pitch in at home?!


Anonymous said...

I know this will sound a bit nuts to someone who is probably VERY sick of the DIY, but I'm kind of jealous. My Dad built our house, and painting/sanding/finishing was the one part we could all participate in. I love painting :)

You'll feel so satisfied when you're finished!

PS - if no one objects I might keep bringing my camera with me to knit night. Maybe next time I'll get a picture of YOU at the wheel! It's good practice for me with the camera.

yogicknitter said...

Wow things are really moving on. When you pop back in March can you project manage a few things getting done in my place. Spinning is looking great, can't wait to see more pics of your handspun.
Still missing you loads over here.