Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Intermediate Photography Slideshows

I have been flat out over the past 2-3 weeks, trying to get assignments in for both my Intermediate Photography course and my Introduction to Photoshop course.

It's been a period of time where my enjoyment of photography has been stretched very thinly and the Fella winces every time I point my camera lens in his direction - poor thing.

This course was far more technical than my first course and as a result, my output is a whole load drier. While we did have two field trips, we spent the majority of the time being shown different lighting techniques in the studio.

Now, if you are having an extremely slow day at work or you just wish to really punish yourself for something, please click here as I have just the slideshow for you:

Intermediate Photography - Full Slideshow - this slideshow contains selected output from all of my class assignments - still life, quality of light exercises etc. If you click this, please note that I accept no responsibility for any damage that may occur when your brain decides to lose the will to live and your body makes sudden, unexpected contact with any kind of object!

If you are shorter on time or you wish to remain conscious, then you might prefer one or both of these slideshows:

People Slideshow - this contains a selection of studio portraits from my class assignments. The people in the pictures are all models provided by the school. I think that it is easy to see from my images which models I gelled with most easily. So, if this is something that I would like to do more of in the future, then that is something that I will need to overcome. That said, I learned such a lot on this course and I do think that my images show progression.

Field Trips Slideshow - this contains my top picks from our two field trips. The first one was a walk around Chinatown and the Strathcona neighbourhood in Vancouver. The second was a walk around the Granville Island area at night.

In addition, I did a final term project. I took portraits of three volunteers in a studio and outside, in natural light. However, I do not want to post any images from this piece of work until I have shared it with my models first. I need to check that they would be alright with me letting other people see their images. This might not be until I am back from the UK later this summer.

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