Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Lantern Lighting Invitations

Last night, we started to send out invitations to the friends that we are inviting to our blessing and a lantern lighting, later in the evening. They are not all out yet but I do feel a bit happier today (I was starting to feel a bit panicky).

What is this all about? Well, in order to help resolve the problem of who to invite to our wedding blessing celebration, we decided to split our event into three discrete sections:
  • blessing
  • meal
  • lantern lighting.

As our venue is quite small and can only seat 70 for a meal, despite having lots of outdoors space, we decided to draw a circle around family and the friends who fall into an exception category for one reason or another. We have invited these people to the full event. The invitations (with one goof on my part that I have uncovered so far and addressed with a friend who got placed into the wrong pile) went out a little while ago.

We introduced the lantern lighting to give us a focal point for later in the evening. We are thinking of using the sort of lanterns available from this website (although we might not order them from there).

The idea is that we hold the blessing with all of our guests. Then we have dinner with the guests who are coming to the meal and once this is cleared away, we break up the tables in readiness for the remainder of our guests to arrive. We are breaking up the tables in the hope that it will be easier for everyone to mingle and our new arrivals will not be greeted by people sat amongst their dinner debris.

When all of our guests have arrived, we plan to have a quick toast, light some lanterns and socialise with everyone!

The friends that we are inviting to the blessing and the lantern lighting are those we know through our sport. We have so many sporting friends that it would be impossible to invite them all to our meal. (In fact, we still cannot invite everyone otherwise we will overload our venue.)

We are relying on the fact that our sporting friends, who know the place that we are having our blessing, will understand our capacity predicament, are very capable of looking after themselves and will be happy to socialise with us afterwards when they arrive for the lantern lighting.

It is not a perfect solution but we are doing our best to include as many people as we can without it becoming a complete circus. Fingers crossed.

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knitpixie said...

Sounds like a good solution to your predicament. We luckily have a venues that are quite a bit larger than our hoped for guest list but a friend of mine had a similar challenge last year.