Monday, 31 August 2009

Addressing the Silence

Despite the fact that I am now home (i.e. reconnected to electricity and the internet), I realise that I have been holding myself back from blogging because I have not 'done' the blessing post. I like to present things here as logically and sequentially as possible. As a result, it sort of feels wrong to blog anything else until that has been done - does anyone else suffer from this self-imposed problem?!

However, I realise that I need to get over myself. As I have things to blog that cannot wait for me to sift through and sort out the 2000 or so pictures (4000 image files) that I took while I was in the UK.

Actually, if I am honest, all I have managed to do since my return home is back up my files to an external hard drive - that's it.

Mind you, I do not have very many photos from the 4th July (a bit tricky to wield a DSLR when you are trying to avoid being smothered by a mountain of non-breathable, white plastic fabric). As a result, I put a call out for photos to all our guests after the blessing so that I could fill the gaps in my image set. Although some have arrived (thank you!), others are still promised. So additionally, I sort of feel that I need to wait to see what photos I receive from our guests, so that I can put a complete blog post together?

In the meantime? Onwards with something else - I think I need some input on a project that I am working on (and am struggling with a bit)!


GrannyPurple said...

Whew, welcome back. Pictured you in some state of suspended animation!
No rush for pix, just glad to know you're okay.

yogicknitter said...

I still need to send you the pics that we took. Sorry everything has gone by the by since going away and sorting things out on our return.