Thursday, 6 August 2009

Life in the Basic Lane

I have spent the last six weeks or so staying in a place that does not have any running water, electricity and is about 100 yards from the nearest Ablution Block. I am not complaining by the way, it is waterproof, it does have gas and it does have a few battery powered garden lights. However, when I am staying here? My life becomes quite basic.

Suddenly, the need for power to use a laptop or finding somewhere that has access to the internet is a lot lower down my list of must-haves than a hot steaming cup or tea or coffee!

Instead of planning blog posts, I simply harbour the occasional aspiration to sleep through the night without needing to get up and visit the Ablution Block. This is not the best trek in the middle of the night, particularly if it is pouring down with rain. The Ablution Block is not the most salubrious midnight destination either, it has grimy cement floors, aging curtains, bright neon strip lighting plus a full complement of local moths and biting insects.

So mainly, the most pressing thing on my mind everyday (after working out how to obtain a hot beverage and spend the minimum amount of time in the Ablution Block) is where to find some electricity to charge my mobile phone so that I can sort of stay in contact with the outside world.

Like I said, it is a fairly basic life! So please bear with me - I think that I am due to travel back to Canada next week (I really should check my ticket).

Once I am back, I will go through some of the photos from my trip to see what I can put together about our wedding blessing and the rest of my trip to the UK!


GrannyPurple said...

It's good to see you've surfaced at last! Looking forward to lots of pix when you regain the luxurious life.

Chrissy said...

Looking forward to having you back! I can't wait to hear of all your travels - they sound like quite an adventure!

GrannyPurple said...

...Perhaps I spoke too soon?