Thursday, 14 January 2010

A Befuddled Start to a New Decade

Happy New Year! I promise that I am alive, even if I am sheltering from the usual West Coast deluge and not doing brilliantly well at fighting off the crippling lethargy that seems to afflict me when the gloom closes in and the rain falls incessantly.

I have written, if you can believe it, two reviews of 2009 - one in words and another in pictures. Yet I have not posted either of them. I think that it is because I found 2009 quite a downbeat, difficult year - despite the fact that 2009 is the year that I got married. When I reviewed them, I found that neither of my posts made very entertaining reading or viewing.

So to spare you the agony, I think that last year can be summed up very simply as:

- I made some stuff (less knitting/spinning than I expected; more sewing/quilting than I expected);

- I learned some new skills (well, put it this way, I have a back up drive stuffed full of image files);

- I did my best to adjust to the change of being in a new country , a long way from my family and friends (I am not sure that I am doing that well on this front so let's move on);

- I put on an extraordinary amount of weight (see bullet point above); and oh yes, I almost forgot

- I got married in a plastic dress. Twice – effectively.

Phew, I am glad that's done. Let's move on shall we?!

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Cassandra said...

I'm very happy you're back and sorry that 2009 was difficult for you... I could have told you that the first year in a new country/culture is always ridiculously hard, but it's better that you not know in advance. I will tell you now, however, that from now on in things are much easier/more fun/like real life!