Thursday, 14 January 2010


I realise that is not actually a word but it is how I felt when I showed my Quick Cabled Cowl pattern to someone when I got home to the UK (just before Christmas).

Just imagine my chagrin when I spotted that I had managed to upload the wrong version of the PDF to Ravelry and that I was in the UK without access to the files I needed to correct the error. Particularly when I nipped into my store and saw (with some horror) that about 360 people had downloaded the pattern.

If you know me, you will know how carefully I checked that file. You will also know how much it pains me to confess that I made such a stupid error. Yet somehow, in spite of checking thoroughly, I managed to rename and upload a slightly older version of the pattern with a cut and paste error right in the middle of it.

Luckily the error was not fatal i.e. if you followed the instructions as they were written, you might wonder why the pattern referred to you lines 5 & 6 in Section A, when you should really have been referred to lines 1 and 2 in Section B. However, as the instructions on lines 5 & 6 in Section A were the same as the instructions on lines 1 and 2 in Section B? The cowl would turn out the same.

I corrected this problem as soon as I got back to Vancouver, so there is a new version of the PDF to download. I took this edit opportunity to tidy up (simplify) one of the main row instructions and I altered the two buttonhole row descriptions to try to make them easier to follow as well. I hope that the new edits are easy to use and beneficial.

I made a note of the update on the pattern page to alert people to the new version and I did try to do the 'notify users of an update' thingie but I am not sure that it worked because the pattern is a free download. So I will have to hope that people read this post or cruise the pattern page to ensure that they have the latest version of the pattern PDF.

In the meantime, as you were (mumble, mumble – need glasses – mumble, mumble)!

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