Sunday, 14 October 2007

Knit & Stitch Show 2007

In keeping with the Champagne Bar theme, 'Knit at the Movies', here are my highs and lows from this year's Show entitled, 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly'!

[cue Spaghetti Western music]

The Good

Put very simply:

  • a venue full of like minded people enjoying themselves

  • Robynn, Alice (with Emms) and all those other hardworking suppliers strutting their capable stuff and showing their wares

  • UK Handknitting, SnB London and Meantime Knitters teaching people how to knit

  • very cool 'Knit at the Movies' posters in the Champagne Bar

  • Mel handing in 32 Innocent Smoothie hats to Rowan (go Mel!) compared with the 2 hats that I handed in...(um ok, I knit slower but every little helps, right?)

  • inspirational work by established makers and graduates.

Judging by how tired I was at work today, it was hard work just being a Knit & Stitch show consumer - so goodness knows how Robynn and Alice must feel today! I was glad that I had a two day ticket in some respects. Sunday, was more chilled - I browsed the exhibitions and attended the comedy show! I didn't do any workshops - there just didn't seem to be time.

The Bad (or the indifferent?)

I understand that it is discounted but somehow this plastic wrapped, heaped presentation of last season's colours and/or discontinued yarn did not inspire me to throw myself apon it in product acquisition buying frenzy.

If you think that I am being a yarn snob, then it is important that you know that Mel was not tempted either and she happens to be an eagle eyed spotter of quality bargains.

So there!

This photo (almost) makes two points:

1) This is one of the very few items that stated, 'Do Not Touch' without stating, 'Do Not Photograph' as well. This is why I have no exhibit photos for you to see.

Quiet grump.

I understand why it is necessary but as a person with a strong kinesthetic learning style, it is very frustrating not to touch things - particularly items that are being held up as shining examples of work in an exhibition!

2) Okay, now people might glue glitter to their stitching but there was a fair amount of non knit or stitch items on offer at the show. I guess that these vendors are hoping that, because I knit, I might:
  • make cards (no)

  • buy printed polyester scarves or acrylic pashminas (no)

  • purchase a rubber or fabric raincoat (no)

  • hand over money for a handbag that my knitting will not fit in (no).

Or perhaps they hope that, for fun (you know, just once in a while) I like to strip down to my underwear, daub myself with washable glue, scoop large quantities of glitter out of an oversized champagne glass and sprinkle it lavishly over my person before I settle down in front of the telly to watch an episode of Heroes?!

Um, no - sorry to disappoint.

It would be easier if these vendors were all grouped together, so you could choose to visit them (or not). Alas no, they were scattered across the venue, so you would turn a corner and find yourself confronted by a scarily perma-tanned looking vision assuring the gathered crowd that they had better hurry and buy their manmade fibre wares, before they all sold out. Frightening.

The Ugly (or things with the 'Why?!' factor)

Left: Okay, just because you can knit something, doesn't necessarily mean that you should! Besides, aren't children this pattern size a bit young to get the message that anyone can be Father Christmas as long as they wear the right outfit?

Right: I dare not post another word for fear of offending anyone with a passion for cross stitching cartoon characters! If you don't, then I rest my case.

Yarn Immunity
Otherwise, Sunday passed completely without incident. I escorted my mother around the show, I am proud to say that I calmly ignored the call of all yarn...

...what do you mean that you can see another photograph of yarn?! Rubbish! You are seeing things. I absolutely deny the acquisition of this Habu Textiles 100% linen paper and cotton kasuri.

It's a figment of your imagination. My mother bought some Habu Textiles yarn. I simply consulted...

...I walked away yarn free.

Honest. I certainly didn't 'come to' in the car park, to find a credit card receipt tightly gripped in one hand and a carrier containing this in the other. Gulp. there a Compulsive Yarn Acquisition, Self Help group on Ravelry yet?!


Izzie said...

Ha ha - I must say, I wanted to strip off and throw myself at the glitter, run my hands through it, throw it at people, roll around in it... I didn't want to buy any, however.

Loved the Habu stand. Bought a kit for a beautiful jumper that they're going to ship to me...

Lauren said...

I too wanted to roll around in the glitter! You can't tell people not to touch when something is so shiny. It just makes you want to touch it more!

I also heartily agree about cardmaking and trying to make us buy other rhubarb items just because it is a knitting and stitching show. And the rest of S&B London are behind me on that one.

It would be soooooo much easier if they just had a knitting area. Maybe next year the two crafts could have a battle with us waving knit-themed weapons... :P

And as for the cross-stitch Princess Diana faces...Oh the horror!

Thanks for loving our movie posters. Good to know someone saw them! :)


Mel said...

So pleased you got photos of the posters I took some and i was far to far away to see the details. I must show them to Carl. Your finished hats looked cool too! You at least had the patience to put on the pom poms unlike me.

JudyMac said...

I agree entirely with your Good, the Bad and the Ugly. I would also add in the Bad...beads that have no use in knitting.

When I finally get my Ravelry invitation, I would willingly become a member of CYA with you.
Did you touch the quiviot? It must have been the yarn fumes because I nearly bought 2 skeins, saved only by the fact that she had no turquoise left. Sheeesh!

Oh the piled bags of yarn did nothing for me either...

Missmalice said...

lol - this is by far the funniest entry I have read on the Ally Pally experience!!! :)

x Alice

teeweewonders said...

Oooh - I LURVE Ally Pally, even with the bad and the ugly, but I must admit I wouldn't miss them if they weren't there!
What's with the "no photography" hysteria. Have camera, will snap - get used to it!