Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Onwards Upwards - Ribbed Shrug - Mojo

Definitively. This is my favourite colour - I have no idea why, it just is - Aubergine. Eggplant. Collective Wisdom of Team Blokes: Purple.

I just posted a description over at Ravelry that stated:

"If I pop my clogs unexpectedly, I would like it hereby recorded that I would like to be laid to rest on a thick bed of this yarn, in this colour.

Frankly, I do not give a damn whether this knit turns out the way that it should or not...

...I am going to wear this shrug, until they peel the very last snuggly shreds of its worn out, pilled yarn off me.

By force."

It is just how it is. Trust me - this yarn is soft and nice to work with. You would make the same promises - I am sure of it.

Actually, I have made a bit of a mistake in my knit and I am working out in my head how to remedy it - I could ignore it and put up with the comments that tell me that I was slack in my making - just get on, get it finished and wear it until it/I expire.

Please note that correcting the fault would involve cutting, unravelling rib, dropping a stitch to point of error, making good and then grafting back together with kitchener stitch.

Help! The chances of me completing this successfully alone - zero! Yet, I soooo want to have a go at the technique - such a quandry? I just know that I will stuff it up and ruin an otherwise, perfectly acceptable knit.

It is knitted, cuff to cuff. I 'just' need to sew up the arms, pick up stitches, then work the shrug shawl rib. Okay - so...carry on and live with the rib error?

Or risk stuffing up the complete knit in order to achieve 'perfection'?!


Kelli said...

First. I love you. Seriously. "bury me with this yarn."

Second. Any way you can cut the offending stitch and just darn a few stitches? I mean, without having to cut and graft and drop and fix?

That is what I would try.

JudyMac said...

I sympathise totally on the yarn burial thing, my choice being alpaca silk or alpaca cashmere...

On the mistake note, IS it really obvious? Ok, you can see it. Grab someone new to your knit, and ask what they think. If they can not see the problem, leave it be. If it is a HONKING red nosed screw up, then frogging is in order...

Of course you could say it is your one mistake to show that only God is infallible a.k.a Yarn Harlot books.

Robynn said...

Wow, Kelli is smart. That's really the thing to do - just cut that one stitch and graft that! So sensible.

Judy - I've seen it, it isn't a huge mistake but the stitches are so large that yes, it does disrupt the flow of the ribbing. So while personally, I could maybe live with it... it's worth fixing. Especially when you get to try something new and cool in the process.

Oh, and Gabrielle? You know you can do it. And you know Mel and I are here to hold your hand. No chance you're going to ruin it - none. But given Kelli's brilliant idea, you may as well carry on with the seaming and collaring and so on. I know you're dying to get it done!