Saturday, 10 November 2007

Like Father, Like Son – Two Finished Objects at Play!

I am not sure if you will recall this image from this post?

I was a bit coy about what I might be making, in case my gift recipients were reading my blog.

I am pleased to confirm that the presents have been delivered, so I can reveal that this yarn was worked (double stranded) into two matching Spike hats for my Vancouver hosts.

Spike is a Rowan Yarns Big Wool pattern but as John Lewis did not have the colours I needed, I substituted with Mirasol Sulka and Rowan Cocoon. Each hat took a round train commute to work (1 hour) plus sewing up time.

In some respects it is an odd pattern. You cannot see the crown of the hat in any of the pictures in the pattern booklet, so it looks like a double rib hat all the way up. In fact, it has a reverse stocking stitch crown. You will see from some of the following photos that, unless you pull the hat all the way down, the crown decreases seem to create an almost square effect.

I would like to point out that I knew I was amongst good friends when, not only did my hosts put these hats on long enough for me to photograph them at home, they then wore them out in public (despite some suspicion that they might not be the most flattering hats in the world).

So without further ado, I present two Spikes - like father, like son.

Well... both were almost prepared to be photographed in their hats?!


grannypurple said...

Do I recognize the Capilano bridge in those shots?

JudyMac said...

The hats look ok to me, but then I have been known to wear a pixie hat...

Gabrielle said...

Ohhhhh, Granny Purple, you do. And furthermore, you may even know what this means. :-)