Thursday, 1 November 2007

Where on earth am I?!

Well, it was my birthday this week and I was determined not to be at work, at home or even in the country.

So instead, I am visiting friends in this city, aborbing these kinds of vistas, enjoying Hallow'een (do you like my first ever Jack 'O' Lanterns?!) and generally having a great time!

As it's a 9 hour flight, I travelled with two projects and great intentions. However, magnificently I managed to select two things that were not adapted to long haul aircraft cabin conditions and tiredness.

As a result, I failed dismally to do much more than struggle out 4" of progress using my Denise circulars, watch films and observe how the plane seemed to be chasing the sunset through the window!

As I sat there struggling with my circulars, the woman sitting next to me calmly pulled out a pair of long bamboo knitting needles and set about the second part of a baby jumper that she was making.

I looked at my plastic, component circulars.

I looked at her bamboo straights.

I looked at my circulars and knitting again, then sighed and put my project away.

That lady is lucky she managed to get off the flight without being mugged for her needles - she was saved by the fact that my project bag contained no 4ply or DK yarn..!

I have picked up appropriate straights for the return journey, so I am hoping for better progress!

Tomorrow (Friday), I hope to meet up with a couple of Ravellers for a knit, a coffee and LYS browse before heading home on Saturday.

In general? Hurray for holidays!


Kelli said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Mine's tomorrow, so I'm with you on the Holiday things. lol

As for the jack'o'lanterns. Very nice. :)

Mel said...

I cant wait to catch up with you whenyou get back and here all the news and see all the pics and all the yarn purchases. Hope you had a really fab time.

Mel said...

ooops must be tired spelling mistakes everywhere!

JudyMac said...

Have a fantastic holiday, and do show us your pictures when you get back!