Monday, 26 November 2007

Look! Look! Look!

No, not here. OVER THERE, to the right! Look! Look! Look!

The Big Knit has reached its target: 400, 720 hats. (And counting?)

HURRAY HURRAY HURRAY! We will help to keep alive some elderly people this winter. (Although frankly, it is a disgrace, that any senior citizen should need to rely on a charity to keep them warm in winter?)

If you click the link, you get to see hats of the week, celeb design knits, their blog and you know - a picture of of a whole tank of about 9000 hats. Which brings home, just how many hats 400,000 hats might look like?

Unlike Hazel I did not knit 703 hats, I did not learn how to knit as a result of this project, I cannot confess to being as diligent as Yogic Knitter who contributed about 35 hats. My sum contribution was two hats. But every little helps, right? Please do let me know if you spot these two miscreants, wandering around Sainsburys. Photographic evidence welcome:

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Mel said...

they look lovely and you did pom poms!