Saturday, 24 May 2008

Castle Cat Couture Hat

Now this on the other hand, I absolutely love - just because it is so silly and I am sort of proud of it, as the pattern is my very first ever one:

Yep, this folks is my final version of the Puss in Boots, Castle Cat Couture hat sported with yet another UFO scarf that I need to finish from last year. I have adjusted the proportions a bit and added the optional hat band.

Pattern is all written up and will be emailed over to Robynn by the end of this weekend. Honest. Honest. Honest.

I will cross post this over at my Katherine Laarzen blog by the end of this weekend.


toni in florida said...

gorgeous hat! amazing color! great design! love it!!

Robynn said...

It really is stunning, I'm so happy with this version. The cable band is inspired.

yogicknitter said...

It looks fab. Really love the band and the little sparkly flower. Congratulations on first pattern.