Monday, 26 May 2008

Keep it, Gift it, Thrift it...or Swap it?!

I have started a group on Ravelry (opps)!

I have yet to finish something for myself that I like, suits me and/or fits well. It is disappointing as I think very carefully about the projects that I work on for myself.

Yet, nonetheless, there is always something not quite right about the yarn, or the colour or the fit - I live in hope of the day when something I make resembles a knit even half as effortlessly lovely and stylish as a Brooklyn Tweed knit!

Most of my projects fall by the wayside before they are finished. The remainder get put in a cupboard, some might be worn once and are then abandoned, chalked up to experience.

I know that I am not alone - so I have set up the group for those of us who have knits that we are not certain about, that we have knitted and do not meet our expectations one way or another...

...but somehow cannot bear to frog.

So if you have something that you have made, you would prefer not to frog it but instead:
  • would like input n whether to keep it, gift it or thrift it (donate to charity);
  • bite the bullet and frog it (and seek suggestions for things to make with the yarn that might give you a better result); or
  • offer your Finished Object for swap / trade with someone who would love and wear it

then come along and join us at the Keep it, Gift it, Thrift it...or Swap it group!

Who knows - someone might just love a Finished Object that you would be grateful to see the back of in return for a different FO, yarn or tools?


Team Knit ! said...

That's a great idea! I'm not sure if I'm ready to let go of my past knitting mistakes yet, personally. But I think i might stalk this group for a bit.....

- Julie

Roobeedoo said...

I tagged you - you're "it"!