Sunday, 4 May 2008

Psst! Passion Crushing Socks!

Ok, I brought my girl her post alarm clock morning coffee today.

What can I say? I am a guy - it is included in my job description.

You know, I sort of hoped to find my lovely partner propped up in bed, bowled over with delight at the joint sight of me and the smell of coffee. Not quite – instead, I was greeted by this sight:

You know, this image did not quite match the one that went through my half asleep mind during the wait for the kettle to come to boil - I really was not thinking of this:

Or this:

So a very quiet tip from one knitter’s boyfriend - socks might be fun to make, they might be comfortable to wear but they are not necessarily a glorious sight first thing in the morning!

Signed B

(Gabrielle's Fella)


Kelli said...

How about blue socks then?

Robynn said...

I've always, always been a socks-in-bed kinda girl. (From way before I ever knit my own.) Not negotiable - I get cold feet! Would you rather have my cold feet pressed against your leg, or re-adjust your notions of what is sexy?

Tell 'im, Gabrielle.

Brian said...

It was really all my fault. I turned down the heating a few days before these photo's were taken. G and I have talked about the whole 'socks in bed' thing. I am allowed input as to the choice of pattern for the next pair! Happy fella!