Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Home...but exhausted!

We are back from Wonderwool!

You know, 48 hours on (just as a stand helper) and I am still exhausted - in fact, I have spent the last two days at work wandering around work emulating a zombie!

My hat is firmly off to all those small businesses who do shows like this on a regular basis - good grief - you do this AND raise fibre animals, shear or clip them, create roving, spin, dye yarn, felt, knit and make spinning wheels?!

Okay, I will share my experience of Wonderwool, disclose what constitutes a Mid Wales gourmet mouthful (just for you Toni) and reveal the contents of these bags, as and when I can over the next few days!

However, please note that my deeply, very lovely Fella is still here and, as we live so far apart, I plan to enjoy every minute that I can with him until he gets back on a plane to Vancouver at the end of next weekend.

So please bear with me. I took lots of photos and will share as much as I can, when I can!

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toni in florida said...

I can hardly wait!