Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Nice Things for Others 1: Egypt & the British Museum

When I was in Vancouver in February, the fella and I managed to catch up with Rabbitch for a coffee. Now along for the ride was a certain daughter - who just happens to be one very bright, switched on individual. She was also terribly patient with us incredibly boring adults.

As this specific daughter had just studied Egyptian Mummies at school, I promised that I would pop into the British Museum (it's not far from my office) and take some photos of their exhibits for her.

Being so disorganised, this did not happen until Easter when Fella and Son were over. After a further mix-up at ORK HQ, I have just heard that a little package has arrived in Vancouver and is on its way via local post to its final destination.

So to cut a long story short - to go with that package, and for anyone else who is curious about the British Museum, please click here for a slideshow of some of its Egyptian exhibits*.

* * * * *

* Notes: I need to tell you that I have to be prodded with a sharp stick to make me go into the Egyptian rooms at the British Museum, as they completely and utterly freak me out. I think that it's the atmosphere and proximity to the dead.

I cannot help it, I understand that it is educational but in my view, no matter how ancient, the dead should be allowed to rest in peace, in accordance with their funeral rituals and beliefs that resulted in them being embalmed, wrapped, placed in decorated coffins (not the word, I know) and entombed. Therefore, while there are a few images of bandaged bodies in my slide show, I have tried to keep them to a minimum.

Perhaps it is just that I do not like the idea of my body being on display in a glass case a few 1000 years from now, just because someone decided to dispose of me in an interesting, 'of the period' coffin.

Mind you, I guess that is not very likely as I plan to be cremated. I appreciate that this is not carbon footprint friendly, but how else can my remains be stuffed into a series of very large firework rockets, to be blasted colourfully into the air while my friends and family celebrate with fizz and nibbles before gently brushing me off their shoulders and heading home?!

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yogicknitter said...

I think I will have to get copies of these pics from you for when I teach Ancient Egypt again, I think I will be doing it in the autumn term next year. You know you take fab pictures and I take pretty drab ones.