Thursday, 3 April 2008

It’s a Funny Old Life

This week, I realised that my blog anniversary had wheedled its way into the life event area of my brain. I keep thinking about the past knit year, what I am working on now and what I would like to do next. It is not earth shattering stuff but I need to get it out of my brain (sorry):

What have I done since I started this blog?

  1. Primarily? I have bought more knitting books, yarn and notions than I have used! I seem to have yarn, parts of projects and pattern books in almost every room while my coffee table has started to groan under the weight of recent book acquisitions. My stash and notions have burst out of my textiles cupboard, the overflow log basket is well...overflowing...and the remainder of my yarn has taken up residence in three drawers in my bedroom. I have been reassured that this is not a stash problem. (Phew!)

  2. I have developed a project list that, at my current speed of knitting, will take over 5 years of daily work commutes to finish. I am not worried about this. In fact, I very much hope that my 'to do knit list' will telescope reassuringly onwards to entertain and occupy me for the rest of my life. I have an odd image of me protesting to my employer that I cannot possibly retire yet because I haven't finished a sleeve or something silly. (What?!)

  3. Despite knitting through each work commute and at various knit nights, I have only completed 6 scarves, 5 hats, 2 gaiters, 1 baby ballerina wrap, 1 lace shaped tee, 1 sock and endless swatches for various projects. It is not an impressive list but then, I have never hidden the fact that I am a slow knitter. Luckily Knitter Bunny reassured me recently, knitting is not just about quantity of work produced, it is about individual enjoyment too. (So there.)

  4. In the past year, I started or worked on but have not yet finished:
    o Own Pattern Hat Test (99% done)
    o Debbie Bliss Blue cotton baby jumper (95% done, needs sewing up)
    o Own Pattern Sister's Birthday Scarf (95% done)
    o Erika Knight Ribbed Shrug (done, but needs ripping back to 80%)
    o Norah Gaughan Phyllo Yoked Pullover (75% done)
    o Second sock (60% done)
    o Storm Water Scarf (40% done)
    o Own Pattern Wrap (0% done, just swatched to date)

    Oh. Perhaps this helps to explain the reason that my completed list is a bit on the thin side? (Opps.)

  5. Last but not least, I have met some brilliant people through knit nights, knitting events, Ravelry and my blog. Without reservation, I can say that you have all enhanced my life and knitting in one way or another. Even that novice knitter with her penchant for bobbles. (Aww.)

Am I on track?

Last year, I set myself some informal objectives to learn more techniques and complete a garment for myself. I have a long way to go before I will feel that I am a confident knitter but in the past year I have tackled a variety of things e.g. lace, beading (mainly in swatches that I have not shown on my blog, interestingly) and completed my shaped lace tee. So, in general, I think that I am on the right learning track, even though my rate of progress is slower than I would like.

Is there anything that I need to sort out?

Put bluntly, the number of incomplete projects on my list. Some are stalled by waned enthusiasm, some by a struggle with a specific technique and others by my perception that I need to prioritise different projects before I allow myself to pick them up again.

Also, I am aware that I have yarn in my stash, where 'the moment has passed'. So while I appear to have more than enough yarn in stock, I have reached the point where I doubt that I will use some of it. It's a bit like having a wardrobe full of clothes yet not being able to find anything to wear. I get tricked into big yarn at almost every John Lewis sale but I cannot find a pattern for it that wouldn't magic me into a yarn armoured blimp. I love the idea of 'knit-o-matic' style working up a fast something or other but...what is the point if it won't suit me?

So, what's next?

I will continue to set myself projects that contain a learning challenge e.g. the Chrissy-On-The-Go socks that I am making now. If nothing else, you can cackle at my ineptitude. I will also nibble away at the things on my incomplete project list, to keep WIPs at a manageable level. I do not want to drown mentally.

In terms of the yarn-without-a-cause, I plan to reorganise my yarn stash, take a hard look at what I have and then offer what I do not need for destash sale on Ravelry, just to see if anyone would like it. Actually, a subset of this yarn needs a burst of positive karma to speed it effectively on its way. So if someone decides that they would like it, I will donate the proceeds from the yarn to a charity that I support.

But hey, who knows what the year will bring? Like I said, it's a funny old life - it could decide to do anything and I reserve the right to knit anything I like, whenever I like.

Like, right now, I am torn between an anatomically correct doll or a toilet roll cover.

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Dotty said...

Happy Bloggiversary! And I wish you many more!