Wednesday, 16 April 2008

One Sock Forward, One Sock Back

I finished my socks on my way home last night - astonishing but true. It's only taken two months. I cast on for them on 18th February and yesterday was the 15th April. In the time that I have been working on these socks, Knitter Bunny has completed 8 pairs of socks (at least).

I wore my red socks triumphantly around the house (trailing the length of yarn and needle on the end of my kitchner stitched toe)...

...for about 10 minutes. Then I was obliged to take them off as they were itching and irritating my feet horribly.

I don't know - the Koigu seemed soft enough against my hands while I was knitting it. Clearly my feet are more sensitive. Who knew that I was such a delicate flower?!

So I sat on the edge of my bed. I looked at the socks that I have spent two months knitting, I looked at my pale and pasty feet and then I looked at the socks again. I found myself wondering if it is possible to get silk or cotton inners for woollen socks, so I could wear them out.

(Oh, that would be me wondering whether I can wear cotton or silk socks underneath my woollen ones, then?! Hmm, it just doesn't get that cold in London and I doubt that I'd ever get my feet into my shoes afterwards.)

So I flopped them down on the side, with a sigh of, 'Oh well, that was a complete waste of two months effort then - great.'

I went to bed. At some point, I'll dunk them in Soak and see if that solves the problem/softens the fibres up a little. Failing that, I'll frame the damned things.

Pictures once they have been soaked!


Dotty said...

oh dear! Koigu is one of the softest sock yarns out there - I can't believe they made your feet itch. Yes, you can buy silk sock liners (very thin) and there's a store called Ski market in the UK that sells them. But I hope a wash fixes your itch problem. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

PS. Didn't you have a similar reaction to the Noro scarf? Maybe you're allergic to wool?

Kelli said...

That settles it. I'm just going to knit you cotton socks.

ps, I won't knit cotton socks for just anyone either. You have to be really special.

Roobeedoo said...

So much for the green eggs and ham approach then... you win some you lose some!
(reference Dr Seuss, edited version: "I do not like green eggs and ham." "try them try them Sam-I-am, try them and you'll see!"..tries .. "I DO, I DO like green eggs and ham!")
Ever noticed how jokes fall flat when you have to explain them?

yogicknitter said...

Ok looks like we are going to have to find some other sock yarns for you cotton maybe or bamboo. I am on a mission. Can't wait to see them though. Well done on completing them.