Saturday, 5 April 2008

Luscious Pinkness - Garden in April

There is just something about pink. I find it very uplifting for some reason! So, as the weather is very grey and rainy here today, I thought that I would share these, just in case things are gloomy in your part of the world too...

...I hope that they brighten your mood in the same way that they have brightened mine. I can see these from my kitchen window. I love-love-love my camillia - it's colour, its neat cupped structure and its glossy green leaves.

Oh and speaking of things that are uplifting, do you think that this might be a sign that my tree peony might flower for the first time ever this year?

I really hope so! I have had this plant for around 6 years, possibly more? It was a gift from my mother. Every year it has grown in size and got more leafy but it has never flowered. This is the first year that it has budded. 6 years is a long time, in a small garden, to wait to see how a plant will flower, so I very much hope that it will flower this year. I will feel so disappointed if these buds turn out to be blind.

Any suggestions on what I might do to encourage it to flower healthily? Ignore it or give it a feed of something specific?

Okay enough - back to the drudgery of the work document that I am trying to complete this weekend.


Dotty said...

Your camelia looks gorgeous. Our neighbour has one that borders our property and he pruned it back hard last year so there's no flowers this year.

Peonies take a long time to establish themselves. They really hate having their roots disturbed and do take a long time to recover esp. the tree variety. They don't like too much wet otherwise the roots rot. And they only need a light feeding with a balanced fertilizer. Good luck and post pictures of the blooms!

Aim said...

WOW thanks for sharing your beautiful camellia photos! We cannot grow that where I live; in fact, at first I thought they were roses....So very beautiful!

Team Knit ! said...

Oh wow, your camillas are stunning! It's so great to see photos like this in spring....