Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Easy to see how you might get sucked in

Really, this is a final Scrabble post for Robynn and Granny Purple but it does give a little sockage too. See left for proof!

The Scrabble dictionary is not given to lengthy definitions. However, the word 'jol' is described as a party or to have a good time. This is not to be confused with a similiar word, 'joll' which means to knock - so Robynn, your memories of its usage are spot on!

GP, we limited references to the Scrabble dictionary over Easter. However, some words it permits did cause us to raise our eyebrows. Now, we think that three separate English dictionaries should be sourced and used. Each dictionary should be an editon printed within 2-4 years (either way) of each player's year of birth. We thought that we should draw lots to see which dictionary each player receives as a reference / handicap (depending on your view of whether or not the English language has expanded over the past 50 years).

At that point, I have to tell you that Fella and I looked at each other, decided that our desire to beat Son had gone too far and that we were taking-the-game-far-too-seriously*!

Well, at least as seriously as I am taking this bloomin' sock. Far - t-o-o - seriously! Good grief, will it never end?!

I think that I may have, at last, reached the toes decrease point.

The good news for me (I think) is that the heel seems to fit. Mind you, I thought that when I tried the 1st sock on and I only discovered that it didn't work once I'd finished the entire sock.

No, not ripping back. Isn't the whole point of a first pair of socks that they do not, or should not fit?! I am just feeling very grateful that the gauge gremlin has chosen to pass over this project.

Oh. That just means that it will strike on another project when there is more invested in its outcome...?

* * * * *

*Serious Scrabble: it turns out that taking a game too seriously is a relative thing. After Easter, my colleagues were asking me how my Easter Scrabble tournament had gone when suddenly, one of them produced a folded list of words from his wallet. He dangled it from his hand. It was a list of unusual two and three letter words possible in Scrabble. It seems that he gives himself lists of words to commit to memory during his commutes to work?

Now that is dedication. A clear example of someone taking a board game very seriously - if not far too seriously? Oddly, my opinion of this colleague suddenly changed. I now find that I have a new respect for him that did not exist before. However, y
ou would be fairly safe to bet your very own backside that I'm far too chicken to challenge him to a game of Scrabble. He would mince my paltry wordage to pulp!

Other Words: ruga - wrinkle, fold or crease; zo - bovine, a yak and common cattle cross; qi - chi

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toni in florida said...

Yikes! Looks like you'd all beat my best Scrabble efforts, no matter WHAT I got on my SATs a million years ago... unless "we" let me use French words, as that's what my degree was in and I could probably use all those extra (okay, French) words to pull from! I could bring my French-English and Petit Robert dictionaries, if that would help!

LOVE that red yarn! Great choice. I look forward to seeing the finished pair.