Sunday, 13 April 2008

Set Them Free - Yarn Destash!

Edited to update what yarn has gone.

Last week, I mentioned feeling cluttered by yarn purchases that I am no longer sure that I will use. Some were impulse buys and others were bought for projects that have not come to fruition. Either way, I cannot see an immediate use for the yarn and it is languishing untouched in my stash.

So yesterday, I went through my craft cupboard, my yarn basket and my three yarn drawers. Folks, I have set aside some yarn to destash. Scary - I have never done this before.

I have added these yarns to my Ravelry stash, marked them as available for Sale or Trade and indicated what I paid for them. This way, I am hoping that if someone happens to want any of it, they can contact me and let me know how much they are willing to offer. At least that is how I hope it works.

In summary, the yarns are:

· 10 balls of Rowan Ribbon Twist (black and pink) · 2 skeins of Posh Yarn, 4ply Sophia Cashmere (Terracotta)
· 2 cone wound skeins (still need to weigh these) of Hipknits Laceweight Silk (Pink) Gone!
· 14 balls of Rowan Big Wool (mauve) Gone!
· 3 skeins of Wagtail Mohair-Merino 8Ply (Medium Violet) Gone! · 3 skeins of Wagtail Pure Mohair 4Ply (Mulberry) Gone! · 2 yarn cakes (50g each, I think) of Hipknits Aran Silk (Pink, Red and Purple) Gone! · 2 skeins of Evolution Sport Weight (Figgy Pudding) Gone!
The proceeds from the Hipknits yarns will go to charity. Either to a UK charity that I support (see right), Knitters Without Borders or The House That Yarn Built. I am happy for the person who buys the yarn to choose which of these good causes gets the money.

Let me know in a comment if you are interested in any of this yarn, otherwise message me on Ravelry! You can find the statistics, description of each yarn in my Ravelry Stash.

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