Saturday, 12 April 2008

Opps - time for me to mind my Ps and Qs?!

Yesterday, my mother added me as a friend on Ravelry....

...followed by...

[GULP], hello mum!

Okay everyone - please make my mother welcome here and on Ravelry and um, please, if I am misbehaving ever...for goodness sake... not draw it to the attention of Hereford's very own yarnartisanne.

Now, just to round off this post. Here is the transcript of a sneaky text that I sent to the Fella yesterday afternoon, during a 3.5 technical and vampire (i.e life force sucking) meeting:

"B - Have you ever been stuck in a hot, close meeting room for over 3hrs with 20 attendees, desperate to break wind to the point where bowels bubble audibly and you sit, buttocks clenched, for fear of an unfortunate escape of noxious gases that would have the impact of a Jurassic Fart? Pity me x"

The Jurassic Fart of which I spoke? For your delectation and delight:

Luckily, when Fella woke up, read this and spoke to me (knowing the reference), he chuckled (importantly) and said, 'You do make me laugh, honey.' (Phew.)

Opps, welcome to my blog, mum :-)

* * *

Notes: just in case - Ps and Qs

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Yogicknitter said...

OMG I still haven't stopped laughing. Fab. I have just been watching the whole set now. Cam will love them too. Oh funny, funny, funny!
Hello to G's mum.