Monday, 31 March 2008

The Return of Lumpy Liverhead...

...a West London Mustachioed Avenger. With her fella Chim-Chim Apple-Tush.

But pray tell, why would Lumpy look so preoccupied, piqued even, while the Fella looks affable, relaxed and happy?

Perhaps Lumpy is reflecting on the appalling manner in which she managed to pick up the stitches along the heel flap of her second ever sock?

"Damn, that will take some tinking," Lumpy says out loud.

The smile suddenly vanishes from Chim-Chim's face.

It seems that the thought of tinking back 3-4 rows of 64 stitches on 2.5mm dpns has caused Lumpy's hand to clench involuntarily, forming a death grip on a rather sensitive area

"Ooh, well done darling," chortles Lumpy," Quelle Erqsome did suggest solemn and aloof".

Lumpy wasn't sure but Chim-Chim may have muttered something, quietly and through gritted teeth, about needing his balls back.


Notes: clearly no Fellas were injured in the taking of these photographs as this woman is not in the filthy habit of public manhandling but heck, why let the truth get in the way of a good eyeliner moustache and an awful heel flap?!

I have tinked, I have redone and I think it looks better but I have been warned by a sock pro friend that I caught up with at the Twisted Stitch, Knit and Stitch event on Sunday that my heel is not square. As soon as I am a few rows away from the stitch pick up, I will try it on to see.

Hmm, what's the bet that could be more red sock tinking in my future?!


Vicki said...

Hi Gabrielle
I read your comment on the Yarn Harlot. I am probably paranoid, have you got the actual ticket for London? I bought one but haven't got it yet. Just wondered if I should be worried!

Gabrielle said...

Hi Vicky, I meant that I had bought my ticket, rather than I had received it, so don't panic! I expect that Gerard and Craig will send them out closer to the event. That's what they did last year, mine arrived in plenty of time. If you are worried, email them to verify that you are on their list?