Wednesday, 26 March 2008

1st Blog Anniversary

Today is my very first blog anniversary - 1 whole year of blogging!

However, I am sitting here trying to type and being prodded by a two metre extendable ruler by the Fella, while Son sets up Scrabble ready for a last game before they head home tomorrow.

Oh now, Son is joining in with the prodding action. Not-sure-how-long-I-can-hold-out!

So I will blog tomorrow and provide an update on our Easter exploits...things around here have been a touch busy. (If I am lucky, it will distract me from the void created by their departure.)

Progress on sock two is slow but hey, I am working on this one and plotting more socks, a pair for Fella, actually..., opps. Damn, where are those brownies? Huh? Huh?!

27/03/08 Edited to add: at last - success! After 6 days of being destroyed at Scrabble by Fella and Son, I finally triumphed on home turf, in our last game! So ok, who knew that freshly Fella baked, warm Cornbread (with chopped hot chilli pepper and cheese) is in fact, Scrabble brain food?

Fella and Son are currently trundling down a runway on their way home, so my house will feel very empty this evening - I will miss them both. It's been a very good Easter at ORK HQ!


emmms said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad you started blogging, otherwise I'm not sure we'd have ever really met... Here's to many more years of blogging with brownies and prodders xx

knitterbunny said...

Yes! Scrabble success! :)