Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Very Quickly...

...I am rushed off my feet preparing for the fella and his son to arrive for Easter this week (hurray!) and I am delighted that Amazon has just delivered:
  • Super Scrabble, Scrabble Timer and Dictionary: so, let the Easter re-match tournament begin!

    Please note that this time, Fella and Son, I am DETERMINED reign supreme on my home turf. (Quite unlike my February performance in Vancouver!)

    So anyone who is up for a knit and scrabble contest in London after Easter, just let me know;

  • Erika Knight Classic Knits: required for the Debbie Bliss yarn that I got in a sale last summer (plus other projects);

  • Good Housekeeping - Knitting Pattern Library, 2nd hand book: just in case someone needs help with bobbles and to legitimise my scrawling of the gooseberry pattern on the back of a napkin last week; and

  • Poor Cook, Recipe Book, 2nd hand version: a recipe book from my youth that was one of our family food bibles. Sadly, this is simply a paperback, not the larger format, hardback that I remember. If you have a copy of this book - please treasure it as it is worth money over at Amazon. (Or just send it to me, to love and take care of it until I pop my clogs!)

I have almost finished my purple hat pattern test knit - it's knitted, I just have to finish its hat band. Oh and um, I ball wound that other ball of Koigu and I am working my way through the 2nd plain and boring sock. Yknow, I just want to see if I can solve the heel problem posed by the first one I knitted.

Pictures soon!


Anonymous said...

Oh! Oh! Me! (Raises hand) Pick me! I love a good game of Scrabble!!!!

please. :)

Too bad there's a bit of water separating us. :(

I wonder if there is a virtual two-player scrabble we could play. hmmmmm.

Loubie-loops said...

I come from a family of board game players but my husband hates boards games. Would love board games and knitting. It would make a great knitting group!

grannypurple said...

So, how many scrabble "references" do you play with? We have 2 on the table, with a 22vol OED in reserve for big disputes. I have found that playing scrabble on the computer is good training--there are a lot of truly weird words out there, and the computer knows them all.
Good luck with the sock--you don't sound fully succumbed to sockmania, but that will come..

Robynn said...

Knitting *and* Scrabble? Together at last? HELL YES!

Yogicknitter said...

How about a challenge with the Howes family?