Friday, 7 March 2008

Nature: a bit too close for comfort?!

I am working from home today and I keep catching flashes of movement out of the corner of my eye, while I am at my desk. It took me a moment to realise what was happening:

Something tells me that I have nesting blue tits?!

The little girl part of me who remembers putting nesting boxes up in back gardens with my mother when I was small is absolutely delighted. Although I don't remember any birds ever nesting in them - perhaps the fact that we had voracious, bird hunting cats had something to do with that?! As a home owner, I am a bit worried about the fact that I appear to have birds nesting underneath my weatherboard. What are the perils? Will they do any damage?

Okay, lunch over - time to get back to work and stop worrying about nesting birds!

This weekend, I plan to continue test knitting my Puss in Boots hat pattern (see above), as I have made a few modifications to make it easier for people to find standard sources on the technique to finish it. I just want to check this before I send it over to Robynn.

Edited to add: I keep forgetting to mention who I got this yarn from over at Ravelry - I bought it from the lovely yet blogless Kleindorf. You see, I spotted it languishing in her stash and so, between us, we are gifting this yarn a useful future in life - as a hat. A purple sparkly hat. Why not?!


Brian said...

They are lovely G! How lucky are you? I suspect that because of their small size, damage will be nil. If they were wood-peckers, or a larger species, with a more robust bill, you would need to worry. Imagine them keeping an eye out for insects in your garden this spring.

Graham once had a small colony of Great Blue Herons nest in the trees in his front yard. They ate large quantities of fish, and were extremely territorial, especially at night as I remember. That was a rough year.

Team Knit ! said...

So pretty! I think such a small bird and it's nest will probably be okay. If they start inviting their second cousins to come and nest there too, then I'd worry.

- Julie

yogicknitter said...

Right time to send the kids around with their binoculars! Funnily enough we nearly bought a bird box last week for the garden when we were buying the plants but decided to leave it until we were at Kew next time. Looks like it would be a good idea to get one if there is lots of interest in the local area.