Friday, 14 March 2008

Wha'? A Gooseberry?

If I were feeling generous, I would stretch my imagination. I would suggest that gooseberry stitch really resembles something a lot closer to a regimented rows of raspberries or popcorn.

If I were not, I would suggest that it looks a lot more like a serious outbreak of common warts - I will spare you the images.

Either way, I cannot see, not in the slightest, how it might resemble gooseberries, can you?!

Unless, gooseberry in this instance, actually refers to this stitch being perfect for that special garment one should knit and reserve for dinner outings with smug, gooey couples?

After all, if you have to sit there and politely endure their PDAs in the middle of a restaurant, you may as well feel frumpy, as well as a spare, unnecessary part, in a gooseberry stitch garment?

Hmm, judging by this very brief experience, I have decided that I am not cut out for a true appreciation of very, densely bobbled stitch patterns. Oh well, I'll live!


Anonymous said...

I don't particularly like bobbles either.

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Tina - omme i London aka teeweewonders said...

Gooseberries? Ehmmmm... no!

Matt and Shannon said...

can you explain how to knit the gooseberry stitch? I have tried but can't do it and I can't find a website that shows how...