Thursday, 24 May 2007

Don't you just...

..hate it when this happens?!

Ignore the other errors in the button band (which came about as I changed my mind about a button hole about 3 times, putting one in, taking one out etc.) but I couldn't really let the even more obvious purling error!

Note to self: knitting or thinking through knitting when tired will lead to obvious errors - guaranteed.

The knitting pattern suggested that this knit was a weekend job - ho ho ho, my razor sharp knitting speed strikes again! I think that I have been knitting this during my daily commutes for almost 3 weeks now.

It is very lucky that I am knitting the 6-9 months size, as the gift recipient arrived safe and well almost two weeks ago...yes, I am behind - I know, I know! I am doing my best!

It is not the most photogenic knit in the world either...but here is a picture (albeit a bit fuzzy) to prove that I am actually working away in the background!

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