Monday, 28 May 2007


Please don't say that I didn't warn you but here they are, images of the one and only dessicated cat produced at last weekend's Craft Show!

I would like to point out that this feline is now known cheerfully as Roadkill - even to E, its 5 year old creator.

Frankly, to reanimate or not to reanimate? This is the question!

Interestingly M's cats were unperturbed by the new arrival.

Apologies for blurry photos but I need to confess that I was almost on my knees chortling with mirth at this point!

Now personally, I think that the Eygptians had a slightly more elegant solution to the whole issue of Cat Representation (or Body Disposal, as you prefer)...


For those of you who quilt - isn't this wrapping reminiscent of an American traditional quilt block?
Note for E: happy to help you make a cat mummy, just a bit worried that your cats might not sit still long enough for us to get the bandages on!


Roobeedoo said...

Ha! That is a fabulous cat mummy! My daughter was at guide camp this weekend and was shown how to skin a rabbit - I am certain that she would much rather have made a papier mache cat!

Blog Owner said...

What can I say! Roadkill lives on and Nina and Lola really don't seem to mind and have been caught several times curled up on the ironing board next to him ( or is it a her - will need to check with daughter. E has also named said cat 'Scare cat' aka Roadkill. Ummm I think you will have to help her make a mummy cat model next!

E said...

I liked seeing pictures of my roadkill cat on your blog. When are you going to come around and show me how to make the mummified cat. Mummy says you can help me anytime this weekend! Love from E

Gabrielle said...

Roobeedoo - wow: it's good to know that the Girl Guides are doing proper camping-survival things? I only ever got as far as my hostess (baking?) badge!

However, wimpily, I suspect that I am really with your daughter. Hand me some paper, glue, a tin opener, a heat source and a can of baked beans and - as long as I have some wine on hand to wash it down with - I'd be more than happy!