Wednesday, 30 May 2007

But surely they would be a bit um, sweaty?!

I know, I know, I know...

...I really shouldn't post in the middle of the night when I have had too much to drink! Let me clean this post up...

...okay, I went into Borders on Monday afternoon to cheer myself up because the weather was so dire. It was also after buying some great buttons for the ballerina top in John Lewis that mean I have to reknit both front halves of the wrap again, don't ask...will explain in another post!

So elated yet discouraged, I ambled up to Crafts, where I plonked myself down, cross legged on the floor - a woman of almost 37, in a raincoat - I know, odd - and started to look through books.

Actually, the first one that I picked up, I remarked to a lady standing beside me, 'Oh good grief...knitted lingerie, WHY?!'

I put it back on the shelf.

So then I did the bookshelf rounds of Vogue Ultimate Knitting, various Stitchonaries, knitting bibles, designers (Erika Knight, Debbie Bliss, Jean Moss, the one who does a lot of bags) etc. in my search for:

  • a clear handbook that will help me get started on proper garment pattern creation, sizing up-down and all associated knitting techniques (really, I think I need to do a course: one like this and finishing techniques! Your recommendations please!)

  • something classic, simple, tailored cardigan for my Jaeger cream silk that I am failing to find elsewhere

  • summer things - as it is that time of year

In my search, I identified three potential books:

  • Vogue Ultimate Knitting

  • Erika Knight: Classic Knits. Not very exciting but some nice patterns. I could live with my silk cardigan being like the deep V-neck jumper on its cover!

  • Fitted Knits.

Are these any good, or should I consider something else?!

However, I assumed that Amazon could deliver at a lower price so made to leave, research done. Just beforehand though - I picked up the lingerie book again, just so that I could leave on a cackle high of 'Why why why - just who would want to knit and wear lingerie?!'

The very thought of knitted underwear...well, surely that would just lead, how to put it gracefully?! Itchy, sweatiness?! Also, I cannot see my gravity locked knockers being held up adequately by a layer of either knit or purl - surely the ease in stocking stitch fabric would leave me balancing them on my knees?!'

However, as I flicked through its pages, I started to look beyond the bras and pants. Hmm, some good summer tops and other garments in here.

Oh, it's by the same publishing company and uses the same photographer as Knitting Nature. I look at its title again: Knitting Lingerie Style. Hmm... much? £15.95 - okay, away home to browse Amazon.

However, it is new, so it is not yet discounted. I felt foiled! Well, that book has haunted me since Monday. (Yes I know that it is only Wednesday but a woman can get her knickers in a twist in less time, surely?!)

So today...I nipped out at lunchtime, in the pouring rain.

I passed a Borders on my way to buy shoes (I get paid tomorrow, was my shoe purchase justification). I tried to walk past Borders on my way back to the office. I failed.

So everyone, tremble in your shoes because I am afraid that it will be knitted bras and/or pants all round for Christmas this year! I am thinking that it could be a great orphan de-stasher?!

Trust me, I won't be knitting underwear for myself...

...not sure it would go with my new shoes (aside from anything else)!

I have the outfit and occasion lined up for this pair - the one night each year when I wear high heels, posh myself up (to surprise the people who usually see me without a scrap of make up) and socialise the night away!

Last year, I debuted a pair of 4" heels with a smart trouser outfit. Somehow (alcohol may have been the cause) I lost one of them on my way home (alone, just for the purposes of clarity).

Absolutely no idea: I retraced my steps the next day to no avail! What's worse is that for some obscure reason, I still have the other shoe.

So to the Prince Charming who may have picked up a stray shoe - if you are out there wondering who might fit that black leather and chrome buckle Faith shoe with a 4" heel...

...please may I have my shoe back?!


Roobeedoo said...

Ha! Indeed! I spotted a review of that book over at Marnie's blog, and have been stalking it ever since! When was a "trumpet skirt" ever "lingerie"? But whatever you call it, there are some great-looking patterns in there! I look forward to watching your progress on some high-end upholstery!

Robynn said...

I have Deborah Newton's Designing Knitwear, which is pretty comprehensive, and the Interweave Compendium of Finishing Techniques, which is *really* comprehensive. I'll be happy to show them to you any time; if you're coming to Regent's Park on Sunday I'll bring them along.

Also, somewhere in my massive collection of magazines (and a few books), I'm pretty sure I'll have a pattern to meet your silk cardigan needs.

Gabrielle said...

Robynn...sadly, I have a two day event this weekend, so I cannot come on Sunday :-( I really wanted to, as well.

So I will need to persuade you to come for a gymknit very soon instead!

Oooh speaking of which, I need to speak to M about a session of chillin', spa'in' and knittin'...?!

Gabrielle said...


No kidding! Mind you - and I have no idea who knits skirts, surely a neverending marathon knit - it's definitely one of the better designed, wearable skirts that I have seen!

What got me was the summer tops - while some appear impractical, it does look like the designs could be altered slightly to ensure that things do not poke out inappropriately? From the photos, either the models are all alien or the pictures have been airbrushed tactfully!

teeweewonders said...

Are you familiar with Elizabeth Zimmerman? If not, I recommend that you look up some of her books. She gives you some great, basic guidelines and enables you to design your own pattern. Happy knitting.

Gabrielle said...

Have heard, seen knits, other work based on Elizabeth Zimmerman and am curious but not seen any books, so will investigate, thank you!