Friday, 1 June 2007


There are times when only an inarticulate noise can really sum up how I feel. You see, technically, I have made progress. Technically, I can confirm that my baby ballerina wrap has a back, two sleeves and 1.75 fronts. Technically, I am almost finished.

Except I am not - almost finished, that is.

What did I say about not knitting or thinking through design alterations when tired?! Those moments when I very carefully and deliberately make decisions that in retrospect are, in all frank honesty, really quite stupid.

Like not noticing (until after I had cast off one front) that I'd started the heart pattern two rows earlier than I did on the back - and it shows.

Fizzle! There goes a week's worth of train knitting in one little, damp squib pop!

Like not putting a buttonhole in where I planned one (twice, actually - on both fronts) because I persuaded myself that I wouldn't find the buttons I wanted, so I told myself to compromise and knit up some i-cord.

Then I found...great buttons. In John Lewis.

Oh you hear that?!

Pop! Another little damp fizz-pop, as the knitting done in front of Harry Potter last Sunday evening (three quarters of the second front) must vanish into thin air, so that I can increase the size of the button band and add a buttonhole. this rate, this child will be too big for the wrap by the time that I have finished it!

Yet I c-a-n-n-o-t help it - I want my decision to alter the design to work out.

I want this top to look the way I planned it at the very start. Uh oh, does that make me a perfectionist? Or just very stubborn?!

So my apologies gift recipient: you will have to wait a little bit longer. I need to bite the bullet and start ripping!

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