Friday, 22 June 2007

My Blog is Quiet

More or less because quiet reflects how I feel myself.

It's my friend's funeral on Monday. Between work and doing my best not to think about it (I have tried various diversions this week), I have not progressed magnificiently on very much:
  • I have not sewn up the baby ballerina wrap yet. Simply because I do not want to make a mess of it - it is small yet it requires space and concentration; and
  • In starting the wrap, I seem to have lost my place on my Knitting Nature pullover. That needs me to sit down quiet and work out exactly where I am.

So instead, I am knitting some test samples to try to work out some stitches and shaping techniques. Nothing worth showing but quite easy on the brain.

I have noticed that my unfinished projects are starting to pile up around me though - I need to be disciplined and take a weekend where I do not touch anything other than the things that I need to complete. I think.


Rodrigo said...

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Robynn said...

Ooh, the only comment on this post is spam? Ouch.

I hope the funeral went well. Knitting will happen when you're good and ready... it's not supposed to be a chore. Meanwhile, look after yourself and have some quiet time.