Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Amid the packing madness...

...there is one constant that is providing me with a singular sense of relief:


Albeit that on some commutes in recent weeks, my tired fingers seem unable to achieve much more than 3 rows of 183 stitches in 35 minutes.

Don't ask. Even last night, during the very small amount of sleep that I managed to achieve (head is buzzing with things I need to do for my move)...

...I (my stash?) was being stalked by slow moving, variagated carpet beetles the size of large armadillos - where on earth does the brain drag this stuff out from?!

Well in terms of a knit, it isn't much to look right now but I am quietly hopeful. It's worked in one piece. I am all the way across its back, I have done both fronts and I am about to proceed down the second sleeve . I am even encouraged that there looks to be enough yarn left for me to complete it comfortably. Famous last words!


Albeit that I cannot imagine what the tension will be like. I am worried that it will have started out fairly relaxed and that it will get tighter, tighter and tighter as I have become more stressed by my impending move?!

Well, that will make the seaming interesting. I also think that I will need to investigate some sort of stablising measure at its edges to stop it curling. So, what's the best, invisible method to achieve this? I was thinking a stablising crochet chain on the reverse edge of the knit?

Okay. Time to do more paperwork sorting, then take a Nytol and do my utmost to get a full, uninterrupted night's sleep. Please, please, please.

I need to tell you, I feel a lot of sympathy for insomniacs, right now . After a week of very little sleep, finding myself awake, putting on laundry and wandering around the house like a dispossessed soul at 3am because I am a member of the Wide Awake Club, is no fun at all.

Just how do people manage to cope with their daily lives without regular sleep over prolonged periods of time?

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