Friday, 12 September 2008


I was just remarking to Knitterbunny that, broadly, I am:

One Week Away From

  • the Fella arriving
  • the removers putting my belongings into storage
  • starting essential house DIY

Two Weeks Away From

  • leaving my job
  • completing essential house DIY (I hope)
  • leaving the house that has been my home for ten years
  • deliberately not saying goodbye to close friends (owch)

Three Weeks Away From

  • deliberately not saying goodbye to some more of my family (owch)
  • hoping my luggage doesn't weigh too much
  • leaving the country on a big 6 month adventure

Four Weeks Away From

  • starting to find my feet in a new place
  • connecting with friends I already know and meeting new people
  • starting my course.

I am sitting here tonight, barely able to take in all I have to do, both listed above and unlisted before I go to the airport.

I am sooooooooooooooooooo not prepared. I am going to bed now as I have not been sleeping well lately - mind you, I am not so tired that I am not taking the kimono coat with me in one hand plus a glass of chardonnay in the other. I am still plugging away at it, it seems to be slow going.

Tomorrow is a (big) sorting out and packing day - my brain is full. Please can someone remind me to phone my insurers, my dentist and my bank about travel insurance at some point next week?

Oh yes, and all the utility people, the council and who else? Ngg, I forget.

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