Friday, 19 September 2008

Public Service Announcement

What can I tell you? I caught sight of this in a window on my way home from work tonight.

I was wondering when it was going to happen. I have not been to the supermarket yet this week but I am guessing that I will find an aisle full of puddings, crackers and mince pies when I get there tomorrow?

Shuddup, I know - it's only September. It simply cannot be time for us to think about December already? Ironically, today has been a balmy, sunny September day in London. I bet that December has been the furthest thing from peoples' minds?

Let's face it, autumn is only just here. It's not been my birthday yet, neither have Hallow'een or Guy Fawkes been and gone - I want there to be cake, presents, witchery and fireworks before I contemplate the entire idea of Christmas!

Yet. If you are planning to gift knitted items this year? Well, heed warning.

It may be time to roll with the retail calendar? I don't know about you but my knitting takes time - how many of us have found themselves locked in a room, cupboard or bathroom on Christmas Eve, feverishly stitching like a mad person, almost frothing at the mouth and mumbling, 'Just a minute...I'll be out just a minute,' while our sewing needle rolls behind the cistern and concerned relatives knock on the door, wondering if we've been overwhelmed by Christmas Eve festivities?!

So, without further ado, I present my Christmas Countdown ticker:

Now if you are from a country that exchanges gifts on Christmas Eve and not on Christmas Day? Um, I am sorry but you have even less left time left!

So knitters - start your Christmas engines! Limber up those wrists, grease those needles, browse those pattern books and eye your stash in a calculating manner. The retail calendar tells me that it is TIME.

Avoid December misery - let your Christmas knitting begin!


Robynn said...

And what about the poor Germans, giving gifts on St Nicholas' Day? Oh the horror!

Seriously though, I'm outraged at this Christmas in September lark. I did indeed spot Christmas food right at the entrance of Sainsbury's t'other day. Shocking!

(...I may have undermined my righteous indignation stance *slightly* by buying a teeny little Christmas cake. But only because I feel that Xmas cake, like hot cross buns, should be available year-round; and indeed, the packaging just called it "iced fruit cake" or similar, no mention of That Season at all.)

Susanne said...

Hy Gabrielle,
thank you so much for your nice comments on my blog which I found a few moments ago. Nice to meet you in the www.
Well, you will have a big change in your life in the next weeks and months as I read in an older post. I am amazed to see that you take the chance to live at another place and let things come to you. So live your dream, I wish you all the best for that experience and I am looking for your reports about that adventure.

So now to the topic of this post:
I don't like that christmas hipe either, starting in late august when christmas cookies and other stuff is presented in the shops and supermarkets. But what can we do? Nothing, right? So what?
You are quite right to remember us knitters to start with our gifts. And we in Germany have a day and a night less than you in Britain to finish our projects. Oh, I wanted to make an Aran sweater for my love! I have not started it yet!!
So I have to hurry up, right?

Happy knitting,

P.S.: At St. Nicholas Day we don't make such great gifts (almost in our family). Some sweets, chocolate, nuts and red apples - that's it!

Mully Nex said...

ROFL THREE weeks ago I went into Tesco to find they already had the Christmas chocs out. Malteasers with snow on them! Outrageous hehe