Sunday, 7 September 2008


Please take a second to surf on by for a look at the flowers that I was presented with today by the members of my Club, at the end of our Club Championship.


(Yes, it was back to reality today, after I Knit Day yesterday.)

I am trying not to feel overly emotional. I have been given these flowers a thank you by my Club for being their Captain for the past three years and injecting a bit of life back into the match fixtures.

I guess that this means that my tenure as Captain is (almost) over. I am relieved, happy, delighted to be moving onto a sport future that will enable me to focus more on my own individual performance yet also, sad, sad, sad because it's been a very satisfying role and I am so very, very proud of all the people who have turned out for matches and turned in such good performances in matches for the Club.

We beat Canada and Kenya this summer you know. The whole thing has been a huge amount of work but you know, overall? It's not been too bad.


You know, I didn't realise that it was possible to get a bunch of flowers this big. It is officially the biggest, most luxurious bouquet of flowers that I have ever received in my life.


Wow. Slightly amazed. Slightly happy. Slightly sad. Slighty confused at how to feel.
What's that american term? Discombobulated? Actually Toni's word works well - gobsmacked!


toni in florida said...

I think the britishism "gobsmacked" might also apply, unless I'm misusing the term. The flowers are amazing and your big pictures are delightful.

grannypurple said...

Huge bouquets suit you very well! And great pic on The Harlot, too!

Shannon said...

That is a seriously huge bunch of flowers! Your man has a lot to live up to ;)

Congrats on making it onto the YH blog too! What a day!